Friday, August 17, 2012

Thai Basil: Curry worth the Drive!

The search for fantastic Thai Food continues. Some places, Pawit's Royale Thai, and Tasty Thai have been wonderful; Siam Orchid, not so much. For about a week now, I was desperately craving some Thai Hot & Sour Soup. I saw a groupon e-mail for Thai Basil. Thinking that there was a location near my office in Cottonwood Heights, I immediately purchased one. After purchasing, I noticed that the location is in Riverton. I don't go out there much, except when I went to Bombdiggitys last month. No worries, a good friend lives out there and is always available for a last minute lunch.

The restaurant is located in a newer strip mall. The interior is very nice: upscale decor, lights, and dishes. It's almost as if they are trying too hard. You also notice that it's not entirely Thai food on the menu. Aha, it's advertised as "Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese Fine Cuisine. You definitely have a lot of options.

Fried Rangoon

Being very hungry, I decided that an appetizer was in order. Fried Rangoon it was. This is ten deep fried wonton wrappers with cream cheese. Not the healthiest option but very tasty. For my main dish I waffled between the curry choices. My favorite (and the safest option) is the Masaman Curry. Craving something new I went with the Thai Green Curry: Green curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoot, bell pepper, mushroom and basil. And for my side of soup,definitely the Tom Yum: Thai hot and sour soup with tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, onions, lemongrass, cilantro, lemon and lime leaves.

Tom Yum Soup

The soup arrived first and my mouth began watering at the sight of it. Thai hot and sour soup has been one of my greatest finds over the past few months. I immediately indulged and scooped some into my mouth. While scooping more, I must have alerted my friend while going "hmm" and looking at the wall. He asked how it was. I searched for words. Finally I uttered, "it's missing something." It was good enough to eat but ultimately a letdown. Having been spoiled by the fabulous Thai Hot and Sour Soup at Tasty Thai and Pawit's, my expectations were very high. This soup was definitely milder and didn't make your mouth water for more. Likely more vinegar and stronger chili peppers are the answer.

Thai Green Curry

The Thai Green Curry arrived and the presentation was flawless-a small square bowl filled overflowing with chicken, peppers, mushroom and basil in a creamy sauce. Some curry arrives with a broth, others in a sludge, this was the perfect creamy consistency. I crave spiciness with the soup but I like the curry more tame. This was just the right amount of fire. The freshness of the peppers, mushrooms and basil came through extraordinarily. The bamboo shoots gave it a bitter edge matched nicely with the fresh veggies. This dish was done to perfection. Green curry is now on my radar everywhere I go. What ultimately wrapped this up as a dish for the ages was the sticky rice. You would think that by drowning a dish in vegetables, chicken, and sauce, that it wouldn't matter what type of rice. Not true, the sticky rice gave it an extra edge; just a hint of sweetness.

Thai Red Curry

It was worth the trip to Riverton. So far it's the only restaurant out there that is worth the trip. I will return but next time, I will order the Tom Kha Gai (creamy coconut soup) with my entree.

2778 West 12600 South
Riverton, Utah, 84065

Happy Eating

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  1. Look delicious! Thanks for visiting my blog, all your pics look great!

  2. I remember their green papaya salad as being outstanding - fresh, bright, and way spicier than I ever expected to get in Riverton.


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