Monday, August 6, 2012

Bombdiggitys: Definitely not "The Bomb"

A good friend invited me to lunch at a new burger joint that had been generating a lot of hype. Anything with the name "Bombdiggitys" is sure to garner some attention. But would the food be the bomb? You can order a 5 pound burger and, if finished, you will get your name on the wall of fame. I didn't dare attempt myself.

The meat they use is called Beefalo; mixture of beef and buffalo. There is actually not a lot of taste to it due to it's leanness. They do have a "sweet fire sauce" which you can add to your burgers. It was delicious and without it, the burger would have been a dud. The fries were dipped in batter which give them an extra crispiness. The texture is perfect but the fries themselves were a little overcooked.

The one item that is "The Bomb" at Bombdiggitys is the frozen custard. We arrived at 11:15am and they only had vanilla and chocolate ready. I had the vanilla and it was fabulous. It had a perfect creamy texture with a very natural flavor. It was absolutely delicious.

Maybe this bomb is more of a dud. The definition of "Bombdiggity" written on the wall there is: "A description of something that is better than excellent, great, good, amazing, etc." If there is one thing that will carry it through, it will be the frozen custard: that is what is "better than excellent, great, good, amazing."

1481 West 12600 South
Riverton, Utah, 84065

Happy Eating
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