Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tasty Thai

Not far from my home, at the corner of 1300 S. 500 E., there is a delicious Thai restaurant. It has been there for about a year and replaced some shabby looking joint. I drive by here daily and probably avoided the  place due to the stigmatization of the previous occupant. However, I do love Thai food and the nagging temptation finally pulled me inside.

Most of the Thai restaurants I have patronized in the Salt Lake area, Sawadee, Thai Siam, and Pawit's Royale Thai, all have you choose two options for lunch in addition to salad and a spring roll. Tasty Thai has you pick one large item in addition to a soup or salad. 

I chose the salad with peanut dressing to start and Gang-Mas-Sa-Man (massaman curry) for the main dish. Wow, was this a lot of food for $6.99. The bowl of curry was very large and hard to finish.

The peanut dressing the salad is deliciously addicting. I will attempt to reverse engineer it but, if I fail, I'll grab money out of Ruby's college fund and go back out to eat. The curry was pretty good. It was hearty, lot of potatoes, onions, and chicken. It's creamy with a mild spicy bite. Massaman curry is the sweetest of the four (red, yellow, green, and massaman). Yellow has a sharper taste while red and green are definitely the spiciest.

The other Thai places mentioned above seem to have an extra edge. This food was good but the other places were delicious. The two best being Thai Siam and Sawadee. In addition to tasting better, the option of have two smaller dishes is much better than one large dish. You get overwhelmed. Nothing goes better with massaman curry than tom-kha-gai (coconut soup). In the end I was full, but still craving tom-kha-gai. Sound delicious?

Due to the proximity I will likely return. But then again, if I drive five more blocks, I am at Thai Siam.

Happy Eating.

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