Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pawit's Royale Thai

On a previous post here, I mentioned that I am a lover of Thai cuisine. If you can make it to most Thai restaurants during lunch, you get a good variety for a great price. Last Friday, on impulse, I had a craving  and immediately recruited my mom & sister to join me at Pawit's Royale Thai in Holladay. It's located right next to what was formerly known as the Cottonwood Mall; now mostly a dirt patch. For all my growing up years, the building was occupied by Hong Kong Cafe.

They really work hard to make you feel that you are in Thailand. The Asian style design, large water tank with exotic fish, large screen TV promoting Thailand tourism. All of this is nice but what really matters? The food of course.

For $7.95 you get your choice of two dishes, served with jasmine rice, a house salad, and a fried wonton. It's hard for me to turn down curry, especially massaman curry so I ordered Tom Kha (coconut soup) and Gang Massaman.

The salad is served with the creamy house dressing. I wouldn't have thought twice about it except that I was at a Thai restaurant and it didn't really fit. At Thai Siam, Sawadee, and Tasty Thai, the salad is served with a peanut dressing; delicious and authentic.

The coconut soup was fabulous. I had been craving this for quite some time. It has chicken, kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass, galangal, mushrooms, cabbage and cilantro. They know how to make this into the perfect soup. It has the right amount of kick and creaminess. It is beyond delicious and I only wish I could have taken a gallon of it home with me.

The massaman curry has chicken, coconut milk, tamarind juice, potatoes, carrots, and shelled peanuts. It was good but I believe that my expectations were too high. When I reviewed Tasty Thai, I remembered that massaman curry at Pawit's being wonderful. It was okay but bland compared to Tasty Thai. The wow factor was missing.

Given the variety, the delicious coconut soup, and the price, I will definitely be back but will try something other than the massaman curry.

Happy Eating.

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