Monday, October 15, 2012

Pat's BBQ Review by Sous Chef Sam

Sous Chef Sam, with my first review of American food!

At work the other day, my boss Fred was nice enough to buy me lunch. He said he was going to Pat's Barbeque. I'd never heard of it, so I asked for anything good, and ribs. Now I can't tell you anything about how the establishment looked, or the prices. What I can tell you about is the Rib and Brisket I was given.

First impression: "Whoa."
Big. And mainly meat, as it should be.

I had three very large, black and pink ribs, with seasoning to make any REAL BBQ-er proud. Soft and just GOOD. The brisket was slips of pink, barely tough, meat, which I liked. It was also exactly what taste you imagine a fire-roasted beef would be, if you were cool enough to be a roaming cowboy, camping out under the stars. It also came with a pint of some tasty sweet baked beans, two sauces which were both great, and, (to my excitement,) a large cut of actually GOOD cornbread. The thing was dessert, honestly.

The whole platter was great. Completely classic BBQ; big, messy, and delicious. I became manlier with every bite. It made me a little nostalgic about Tennessee, where I lived for two years as a kid. I hope the price is right because I may just go the extra ten-or-so blocks for it again, past the fantastic Firehouse BBQ (now called Bubba's.) I now know that Pat's is a bit famous around here, and I can see why. Very good barbeque!

155 West Commonwealth Avenue (2125 South)
South Salt Lake, Utah, 84115
Happy Eating

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  1. Jeff, I totally want to hear more about this rice in the Philippines. My Dad lived there, so whenever I find a Filipino recipe I try to figure it out to make for him.


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