Monday, July 2, 2012

Firehouse BBQ: It's like I am back in the South!

Sous Chef Jesse loving his choices

Anytime you see a restaurant with a full trailer-sized smoker in front and in back, you know the food is going to be good. It reminds me of when I traveled through Tennessee and Mississippi last fall. I met some people for whom BBQ is a way of life. One guy, a big Ole Miss fan, told me that they might not win the ballgame, but they will always win the party.

The front yard. All the advertising they will ever need

The back yard. I have plans to mimic this

In Utah, it's been rare in the past to see one of these large smokers. Just in the last year however, I am noticing more of them. This particular smoker that I saw was at Firehouse BBQ on 2100 S. in Salt Lake City. Having just eaten dinner, I made a mental note to come back soon. Within a week, I was there.

The people there are so friendly (they must be from the South). I asked them how long they had been open. It was one year to the day. Admittedly I was embarrassed that I hadn't noticed them before. It was probably because the smoker wasn't out front yet.

Sous Chef Sam and Sous Chef Jesse accompanied me. They are aspiring Foodies and wonderful cooks. Sam got the rib sandwich. I did not taste it but I know it was good; when he was done, he stood up, looked at me and while pounding a fist on his heart said, "I love you from my soul." One of the best compliments I have ever received.

I got the beef brisket sandwich with a side of potato salad. They drown the sandwich in their homemade BBQ sauce. It is delicious and tangy-lots of vinegar; just like the South. The meat is very tender and moist and is a work of art. The potato salad was okay, a little rustic but that is what Cajun cooking stands for. It did need a little more flavor. I also tried some Asian Cajun Slaw. Now this will make your mouth water.

The menu is small but no one went away complaining. Watching them rotate the meat in the smoker was breathtaking; an artist truly at work. I would have stayed all day but responsibilities called. I had to get ready for dinner at another joint so I could have some material for next week's post. A food blogger has places to be.

Truly Majestic

Firehouse BBQ
565 E. 2100 S.
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106

Happy Eating

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  1. Good BBQ warms the heart. We have a few places out here in DC that are pretty good.

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