Friday, October 26, 2012

Curry Fried Chicken: What a combination, and an establishment!

A good friend and I often go to lunch. He has tuned in to my desire to find new places and is great about recommended restaurants. A Client of his had gone to Curry Fried Chicken and highly recommended it. How can you turn down a place like that? Once you get over wondering whether it's an Indian restaurant or Southern Greasy Spoon. I love good chicken.

It's a cozy joint tucked into an old building on State St. close to downtown. My goal in reviewing restaurants is finding those places that are affordable, local and where a lot of passion goes into it. How do you know about their passion before you eat there? You don't. You find out when you arrive and taste the food. Curry Fried Chicken definitely had the feel of a place where they are passionate about food.

The guy taking your order writes it down on a plain notebook, then hurries over to the stove and helps another person cook the food. It takes a while to get your order. Not that rush of efficiency that we all get worked up about, but as you watch them cook, you don't care. It's very obvious that they put a lot of passion into what they do. The owner/cook came over and asked if we would like some hummus while we waited. Absolutely! It was clear that the hummus was made fresh. It had a bite to it and some good garlic. It was smooth and refreshing.

For the meal I ordered the Curry Fried Chicken Plate. How could you not? It comes with two pieces of curry fried chicken, lentils over basmati rice, salad, pita and veggies. What a sight. I have never seen a colorful piece of chicken before. The yellow dusting curry powder made is stand out. I wanted to prolong the sight so I dug into the lentils first. Even those had some spice to them. Not enough to make you cringe but enough to let you know that you're alive. All of this for $9.95.

As for the fried chicken, they do have passion and know how to cook. The batter is extra crispy but not thick. It snaps like a wafer when you bite into it. The chicken was perfectly moist and tender. The curry definitely hits you fast and makes your mouth water. It takes you a minute to reconcile curry with fried chicken but it comes quick. Spicy yes, but if that is not for you there are other options.

Open for five months already and with delicious food, this place will be patronized often by me. Give them a taste.

Happy Eating.

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