Friday, October 12, 2012

CousCous Grill. Sous Chef Sam's Second Review

Sous Chef Sam with my second review!

CousCous is a Greek eatery located in Murray, Utah. It is to Greek food, what Smashburger is to burgers. You can sit down or you can get your order to go. It is very clean, and very pretty inside. It had some expensive-looking pictures and sculpted things on the walls, but included booster seats. So very casual.

And very good. Anyone who paid attention (and stayed after the credits) when they saw Marvel's The Avengers, noticed Iron Man talk about Shwarma. When I saw this on the menu at Cous Cous, I couldn't resist ordering it out of curiosity. It was fantastic! Imagine a very good and fresh lamb gyro with a roasted tomato salad inside it, and a healthy dose of a special mix of that strangely delicious cucumber dressing.  It was warm and crunchy with lettuce and other vegetables. It was big, too. If it hadn't been so great, I might not have been able to eat it all. However, what I could NOT finish was the pile of very good cous cous, which comes with everything on the menu, I believe. We sat and ate and talked about random grown-up things, but I was mainly focusing on my awesome food. And Ruby, who liked climbing everywhere. After half an hour, the lunch was over.

I can honestly say I loved it all. This place gets five stars from me. My platter was about thirteen dollars, which, considering the quality, size, and freshness, is completely understandable. I'm gonna take a very nice date there, someday when I can find a very nice date...

The next time I'm in the neighborhood, and feeling for really good Greek, (which is about every other day for me,) I will hit up CousCous and try the other great things they have.

5470 South 900 East
Murray, Utah, 84117
Happy Eating
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