Monday, May 14, 2012

El Chihuahua: A bit of a disappointment

The first time I went to El Chihuahua in the Millcreek neighborhood of Salt Lake, the food was wonderful. That was November, 2010 and I do not remember what I ordered. Last Friday, I went there again as a reunion of sorts with some friends from college.

One of they guys leaned over and asked how hungry I was. I replied that I was pretty hungry after having a light lunch earlier in the day. He said that if I was only moderately hungry that I should get the smothered chile verde burrito from the ala carte menu. It was only $6.00 and also comes with a side of rice and beans. I should have taken his advice.

Ultimately I decided on the Chicken Breast Taco Platter for $13.00. Nothing like paying twice the price for a better meal right? Not this time. It was a lot of food but was lacking in flavor. The chicken had not been seasoned well and had very little flavor. The onions and peppers also were very bland. Overall, I would name it the Bland Taco Platter.

It was truly a let-down as I had been looking forward to this reunion and meal all day. Do I give them another chance? If the first date is great but the second date is bad, do you take the risk and spend your money on a third date?

3926 S. Highland Dr.
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84124

Happy Eating.

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  1. We went today, President's Day. First we got seated, though not very quickly despite the lack of lunch business. Then they brought chips and salsa. The salsa was quite tasty with a cilantro accent. Then the menus came out. I don't know what they were waiting for to take our order, but even though they saw my Entertainment coupon, they didn't indicated that we should order from the Dinner menu at 12:45pm. Well, the dinner menu is about 40% more. So, the coupon was a wash. Needless to say we waited about 10 more minutes before anyone came to take our order, which was to be the same. But this time, a supervisor came out. Not to give special attention, but to indicate that the rules exclude Entertainment coupons on designated holidays. I guess even to Mexicans, President's Day is celebrated. She didn't budge, offer a daily special, or even try to save the sale. I said, well, then we'll leave, to which she did nothing. We left without even a tip, and a failed sale, and a negative comment to boot. We didn't get to try their food because the service was lousy and completely uncaring. I guess they don't need the business, and their prices are outrageous, probably so everyone can pay for their cantina liquor license. That Chihuahua bites!

    1. So sorry to hear about your experience there. It's one of those places that you really want to love but can't in the end.

      Thanks for your story.


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