Monday, May 21, 2012

Apple Spice Junction: Box Lunch & Delicious

A couple of weeks ago, I met my sister and her friend at Wheeler Farm to let the kids play with the animals. It was a fun visit, especially for Ruby as she loved petting the horses, goats, sheep and bunnies. On the way back to the car someone mentioned that we should go to Apple Spice for lunch. They said that it was just across the street close to 6400 S. What? I have never heard about this place but it sounded good. My Foodie ego was bruised. Thankfully I had enough inner strength to rise up.

Apple Spice is tough to find. No wonder I had driven past so many times without noticing it. Tucked in right next to a Mechanic's shop, it's easy to miss. When you walk in, the place is dark and looks like a mix of a fast food joint and an office building cafeteria. Hardly anyone was eating inside even though it was lunch time. While the location isn't memorable, the food definitely is.

I ordered the cranberry turkey ASJ wrap with clam chowder and a cookie. The wrap had turkey, lettuce, Swiss and cream cheese, and jalapeno cranberry on a wheat wrap. Can you guess which ingredient stuck out most to me when reviewing the menu? it was the jalapeno cranberry. Doesn't that just sound wonderful? And wonderful it was. The cranberry sauce, when coupled with the cream cheese, had the perfect mix of sweet & tangy. It also was a wonderful texture. The could have put dog food in there and it would have been good.

The clam chowder was good but not as memorable as the wrap. It actually might have been wonderful but since I first tasted the wrap, my mind was elsewhere.

First date with Apple Spice Junction was successful. Do I dare venture out to other items on the menu during my next visit?

Happy Eating.

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  1. We love that place. I will join you next time.

  2. We've ordered sandwich box lunches from Apple Spice at my workplace for years. The food is always fresh, and they are consistantly good. Never ate sandwhich from there that I didn't like.

  3. Surprise... I have actually eaten there and love the sandwiches.
    Yes, hard to find but well worth the search.


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