Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Harmon's City Creek: A Fabulous Date Nite

Relaxing; you could stay here all afternoon

Two weeks ago my Sister-in-Law and her boys took Ruby to Cabela's for the evening. With that precious free time when our kid was away, Rachel and I went to Star of India in Downtown Salt Lake. Dinner was delicious and we had time to spare after eating, so we drove around the new City Creek development. As we crossed State St. we saw the new Harmon's grocery store and it was beckoning us to come inside.

View from Mezzanine level

To sum it up: Amazing! What a way to spend a date nite. There is a fresh salad bar, wok bar, olive bar, sandwich station, pizza station, delicious bakers, chef prepared grab and go meals, and much to Rachel's delight: a gelato bar. We went upstairs to the mezzanine level to eat and people watch. There we found a Cooking School with a class in progress. Let's see: lots of delicious fresh food, cooking classes; if there was an apartment in the building, I may never leave.

Olive Bar

Chinese Food

Creminelli's Meats

I have seen nice grocery stores before, but this had an extra "WOW" factor. Definitely stop by and check it out. Am I weird to fall in so much love with a grocery store? Probably, but at least I embrace my eccentricities. The rest of you have to live vicariously through me.

Open Seating Area

Fantastic Olive Oil and Vinegar Aisle

Happy Eating.

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