Monday, April 16, 2012

Firehouse Subs

I know what you are saying, "Jeff went to a chain restaurant?" Let me explain: At my office yesterday, Chris (a devout Hometown Slop follower), walked in and asked if I had plans for lunch. I replied that if he was buying, I was going. He said that he would buy and I replied that I would accept him paying and that he could pick where we go. He said "Oh no, you are the Foodie and I love reading about all these restaurants you go to that I have never heard of." At this point he had both agreed to pay and was deferring to me as to  where we were going to eat. It doesn't get much better than that.

Chris did not have time for the restaurant that I did choose; or so he says. He realized that he gave away the farm and was now trying to squirm back into power. We decided to drive down Ft. Union Blvd. and go to where we felt called. Firehouse Subs was on the left in the Ft. Union shopping center. The red, yellow and white sign was definitely calling to us.

The busy interior

As we walked in, the first thing that struck me was the kindness and helpfulness of the Employees. One gentleman immediately walked up to us and showed us the ropes. It was a great start. The menu looked fabulous. Chris ordered first. He asked for either the Engineer Sub or the Firehouse "Hero" Sub. I asked for the New York Steamer Sub on a toasted wheat roll, to which Chris immediately asked the Employee "Is it too late for me to change to that also?" "Respect for the Foodie among us?" I replied.

Happy Chris with his "New York Steamer" Sub

The New York Steamer Sub has corned beef brisket, pastrami, melted provolone, mustard, mayo and Italian dressing. In other words, it is absolutely delicious. There are a lot of sharp flavors in this sandwich; which is something that I love. If you crave sweetness in a sandwich, this is not for you. There are however, plenty of options. This may be a chain restaurant but it has the taste and feel of a mom & pop establishment. I would highly recommend it. Please do, however, get the 12" sub; the 8" is a little small.

The place was crowded was the service was fast. The longest line ironically, was for the Coca-Cola freestyle machine. As for the price, definitely worth it if someone else is paying. I honestly don't know what it cost. Thanks Chris for the great sub. There are 3 locations in the Salt Lake Valley: 3798 S. 700 E., 1008 E. Ft. Union, and 10325 S. State St. Try it out.

Since I first saw a "Coca Cola Freestyle" machine at Crown Burgers, I have been in love with it. 120+ combination possibilities.
Happy Eating.

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