Monday, April 23, 2012

Dragon Diner

A few years ago I remember how delicious Sampan Chinese restaurant was. I say "was" because it seemed to go downhill fast (look for that review in the future). Around the same time I got hooked on Dragon Diner. It is the perfect Chinese comfort food. Rumor has it that the Chef at Dragon was formerly the Chef at Sampan. I have never been able to corroborate this but it seems very likely.

It's usually about once a month that I get that uncontrollable craving for Chinese food. A quick call to Dragon, 20 minute round-trip drive, and it's dinner in front of the TV. The decision is especially easy if the Money Mailer has sent a $3.00 off coupon.

The other night I had the A Dinner combination with General Tao's Chicken. Dinner combinations include your choice of entree (of which there are many), soup of the day (always egg drop or hot & sour), ham fried or steamed rice, egg roll or cream cheese wontons. All of this for $8.75. You can also do a B Dinner combination which includes fried shrimp but no soup, wontons or egg roll.

Rachel ordered the Tangerine Chicken which is delicious. There is a mild amount of heat to it but nothing overwhelming. The General Tao's Chicken has a little more heat which I prefer. Both of these dishes have the prefect amount of breading and sweetness. I also highly recommend the Pon Pon Chicken if you like spice.

General Tao's Chiken with Cream Cheese Wontons, Steamed Rice and Hot & Sour Soup

Most of the dishes that I have tried at Dragon are wonderful so I will tell you the dishes that are not; there are 2: Lemon Chicken and Orange Beef. The Lemon Chicken is nothing more than a pan fried chicken breast sliced up with lemon sauce poured over it. It's definitely missing something. As for the Orange Beef, it's just a bad mixture. Orange chicken is wonderful but trying to pair that with beef, leaves an odd marriage in flavor and texture. The fact that it is still on the menu surprises me.

If you are having a craving for Chinese food, please try this place. It's located kiddy corner from St. Mark's Hospital in the Millcreek area. I have been so faithful to Dragon that I haven't tried many other Chinese restaurants in years. Do I dare? I have seen that there is a "New Dragon Diner" in West Jordan; same owners?

Dragon Diner
1331 E. 3900 S. 
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84124 

Happy Eating

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  1. We love Dragon Diner, we've been going there for years! Our favorites are the tangerine chicken and the dish they call the dragon and the phoenix. I agree with you, the lemon chicken is not so great, and all the noodle dishes use spaghetti which is also kind of weird. But otherwise it's hard to go wrong here.

  2. This is Americanized 'Chinese' at it's 'best'. The new China Town Buffet on State Street is much better. Sweet, gloppy sauces and 'cream-cheese wontons' are not authentic.


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