Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lazy Day Cafe: Hidden yet Delicious!

Yes, this is a real restaurant, not a place that I found to waste away the afternoon. After working diligently all morning, I quickly realized that I was very hungry. My "Around Me" App said that there was a Caribbean restaurant nearby. That sounded interesting so I made my way there.

The restaurant for which I was looking never appeared but back in the corner of this quiet shopping center I saw a sign which read "Lazy Day Cafe." I still had to search to see where the place actually was. Finally finding it, I walked inside.

The place was busy but I found a quiet table in front of the fireplace. Just as I was wondering how anyone could possibly know that this place exists, I heard the waitress, either Candice or Cheri, refer to most of her customers by name. They are also the owners and know how to make great food.

Lazy Day Cafe has been open since October, 2010 and is tucked into the back corner of the Ivy Place Shopping Center (itself a quiet locale). They are open Tuesday-Sunday, 9:00am-2:00pm. The atmosphere and hours remind me of Finn's. My table by the fireplace reminded me of a Maine Bed and Breakfast.

Looking at the menu, I was disappointed that it was 12:30pm. Breakfast is served until 11:00am and it looked wonderful: Shrimp & Grits, Biscuits & Gravy, Lazy Deluxe, Lemon Pancakes. That's okay; time for a return trip soon.

I was reviewing the sandwich & burger options when she told me about the specials. One of which was a Pork Tenderloin Sandwich slightly breaded with panko, served with lettuce, tomato and a zesty mayo on a baguette and fresh cut fries on the side. Done, I'll take that! They also had a Tomato Bisque soup as their soup d' jour so I had a cup of that.

The sandwich had thin slices of breaded pork tenderloin. The meat was really moist and tender and didn't overwhelm. The baguette was perfect with a very soft interior. The Zesty Mayo could be eaten with a spoon and put on cereal, crackers, anything you want. It has a slight hint of spice but mostly a citrus taste. I loved it.

The tomato bisque looked a little odd at first but I grew to love it. I think that it was the lumpy texture which first made it unappealing. Whatever spice they didn't put in the zesty mayo was in the tomato bisque. I love a soup with some heat and this had it. Last year we learned in class how to make a roasted tomato soup and it is wonderful.

Look hard because the Lazy Day Cafe will be hidden but it will be a nice visit. Now, to plan my return for breakfast.

2020 East 3300 South, Suite 24
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84109

Happy Eating.

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