Friday, March 8, 2013

BRUGES WAFFLES & FRITES; And a Machine Gun Sandwich!

While driving through the Sugarhouse neighborhood, I noticed that a recently seedy gas station was now bright and inviting. There was not time to look for too long. I was driving and you can't focus on the road, write e-mails, update facebook, and look around for restaurants all at the same time. You need to eliminate at least one of those.

Thankfully I am driving on this road often and was able to look more thoroughly the next time. In nice yellow and maroon colors read the sign, Bruges Waffles & Frites. The place looked wonderful. Too bad it was only 8:00am and my first lunch of the day doesn't start until at least 9:45am.

A few weeks later I made it here for lunch. The Waffles looked delicious and like they could also be dessert. The "Frites & Co" section of the menu also looked wonderful. It's that recurring dilemma of what to order, how much, and when can I come back?

The Machine Gun Sandwich
The Machine Gun Sandwich sounded particularly fitting to my personality that day. It's a hearty lamb merguez sausage served on a fresh baguette, stuffed with their famous fries and smothered with Andalouse sauce. What honestly sold me on this sandwich was the sauce. I didn't even read what it was, just went on impulse. Later I read the sauce menu; Andalouse: Mayonnaise with fresh red bell pepper, fresh basil, mustard, cayenne pepper, seasonings.

Sauce Menu

The lamb merguez falls somewhere in between a brat and gyro meat; both good things. It really gets lost in the baguette but stuff it with fries, drizzle with sauce and you have a party. The fries truly are heaven sent and are as good as the fries at Yanni's; a perfect crispy outside, fluffy inside combination with great flavor.

Their sauce selection alone could make your shoe, belt, shirt, or that weird relatives cooking taste good. You can choose from Lemon Pepper Dill, Zensation, Brasil, Curry, Zango and Samurai among others.

Found the Lamb Merguez Sausage hidden in there

I look forward to returning soon to indulge in their waffle selections. That is if Fiddler's Elbow or Fat's Grill don't divert me on the way. It's a great Foodie neighborhood.

2314 South Highland Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106

Happy Eating

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  1. Jeff, if their frites are like the ones here in Belgium than I know that no one, and I mean no one can beat them. Heaven straight from the grease pit.


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