Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Heavenly Hot Cakes at Penny Ann's Cafe.

When the Editors at City Weekly asked me to contribute to the Second Helping Column, they said that they have someone who covers a full review of restaurants and that I needed to find signature dishes or out-of-the-way joints. Essentially they said, "what are we missing on the food scene?"

It's an exciting hunger (no pun intended) to eat my way to a workable column. What a fun problem to have.

Since I first visited Penny Ann's Cafe last year, I didn't heed this advice: "once is one too many, one more is never enough." I don't regret going there at all; the place is wonderful. It's so wonderful in fact, that it's difficult to ignore the constant cravings to eat there.

Please check out the article. Feel free to rate it and comment on it. Thank you.

Penny Ann's Cafe: You'll love the Heavenly Hot Cakes

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Happy Eating


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