Monday, December 10, 2012

Boardwalk Pizza: Walk Away!

This post will be brief because that is all it deserves. I met a good friend for lunch at Boardwalk Pizza in Sugarhouse last Friday. It's located in a building that was recently refurbished; a very nice change to a once seedy spot.

While reviewing the menu you could say that price shock hit me. A 12" Sub for $13.49? A 16" Pizza for $21.99? A Calzone from $11.49 -$13.99? I'm all about paying for good food but this really seemed like a lot.

Thankfully they had a lunch special which included a side salad and all you can eat pizza for $7.00. Before I pay $21.99 for a pizza, I will do a taste-test with the buffet.

The salad appeared to be pre-packaged from the grocery store. The pizza was okay at best. Obviously when you serve quantity over quality, that is what you would expect.

They do have a large alcoholic beverage selection. This must be the trick for enjoying the food. They also have televisions in each booth. It might be a good place to watch a game but you will need to go out to eat after. If you want to watch a game and eat good food, including pizza, go to Fat's Grill. It's just around the corner.

Happy Eating

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  1. It is important that, before posting libel about an establishment, you do a little more research first. If you are familiar with Italian restaurants (or ones that ape them), you will know that portions are meant to be shared. A 16" pizza is an extra large and will feed 3-4 people. That's roughly $6-$7 a person and a pretty damn good deal if you ask me. Boardwalk's calzones are also large enough to be shared and are roughly the same cost per customer.

    I have eaten at both places and you would have to be on crack to think that Fat's is better. There are better pizza places for the money than Boardwalk, but it's still a good place to eat and a good value as long as you order properly. It isn't the usual fast food $1 menu cuisine most people are used to and you might have to ask a few questions if you've never been there before. You can eat very well for $10 a person at Boardwalk and the salads are just fine. The writer probably thought he was trashing a chain restaurant and more than likely went in (if he actually did dine there) with the intent of doing a hatchet job in the first place. It's locally owned and the salads are fresh so trust your taste over internet hacks.

  2. I unfortunately had a bad experience at their other location. We too were stunned by the prices of the pizzas, but I'd been dying to eat here and Iggy's was a 2 hour wait because of some sports game.

    We put our orders in, and my husband's and daughter's meal came out first. Someone other than our waitress dropped it off. Even though the restaurant wasn't busy, we didn't know where she was. She came by to check on us once, shortly after the two meals were dropped off. She said nothing about my missing meal, and I figured it would be out shortly.

    The next time she came back, my husband and daughter were finished with their meal. She was still oblivious that I hadn't gotten the pizza I ordered, and we pointed this out to her when she was dropping off the check. I asked her to please cancel the order for it since they were finished eating, and that's when we learned it hadn't been put in at all. She told us if we'd wait another 5 minutes, it would be out and there would be no charge. I told her we were ready to go, and didn't want it at all. We could even hear her yelling at the cooks in the back, which I thought was unprofessional to do in front of customers.

    But what really tipped the scales against this restaurant was when she placed the blame on me for my order not coming out. She'd come by once. I had to ask for a refill on my drink because she wasn't paying attention. Her words to me were something like, "well, I wish you would have said something sooner" very snottily. I had to bite my tongue from saying, "I would have been happy to--if you'd actually walked past our table a time or two."

    So perhaps the restaurant has good food, but I'll never find out. I'm not going back because of how I was treated by the waitstaff.


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