Friday, December 28, 2012

Cafe Old Bridge: The Best of Bosnian Food!

Originally, I had written this post back in March. During Christmas break, Rachel and I find fun restaurants to eat at on our stay-cation. We drove past this place last night on our way to see Christmas lights. She said that she needs to go here soon. Our stay-cation may be just the time. It's great food. Enjoy! 

About once a week I go to lunch with a friend. In many of my posts he is referred to simply as "friend." A good friend he is but he does not share my adventurous nature of finding authentic foods. If it isn't burgers, fries, sandwiches or BBQ, he is a little hesitant. Last week he texted me about going to lunch. He seemed busy at the time and left the eatery of choice up to me. I texted back: "Old Bridge Cafe, 249 E. 3300 S., 12:45pm." I knew that if I would have explained what type of cuisine, we would not have been going there. Upon arriving and reviewing the menu, he admitted that he had been suspicious of my motives. Too late to turn back now.

Old Bridge Cafe is traditional fare from Bosnia & Herzegovina. There are many items on the menu that you have likely never heard: Buredzici, Zeljanica, Cevapi, Kajmak, Pljeskavica, Beckna Snicla. It all looked delicious.

My friend ordered Cevapi - traditional Bosnian beef sausages. It is served in pita bread with kajmak (cheese spread) and onions. He said that he liked it and I will take him at his word. I appreciate him staying for lunch even after he knew he had been fooled.

For my meal I chose the Stuffed Peppers Dolma. It is three bell peppers and one smaller, much spicier pepper; all stuffed with beef and rice, served with roasted potatoes and pita bread. The stuffing is similar to the consistency of risotto and is spicy, heavy, and delicious. Whatever cooking process they use and spices they add all equals perfection. The pita bread is like none I have ever tried. It was like a meal in and of itself: thick but fluffy and obviously cooked with a large serving of butter.

All of this for $6.99; not a bad price for a great lunch. The food is so filling that I ate a very light dinner that evening.

Will I be back? Definitely! On the drive home I called my Parents to say that we should meet there for lunch soon. My only problem will be what to order; I want it all: Sour Cabbage Rolls Sarma, Cevapi, or Balkan Platter? Maybe I will try them all.

If you are near 3300 S. State St. stop by. The strip mall housing the restaurant is a little run down, but the food is tough to beat.

Happy Eating.

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