Monday, December 31, 2012

La Fountain: Truly Authentic Mexican Food!

In a previous post here, I have written about my quest to find authentic Mexican food. This obsession started on a vacation to Southern California. Obviously there are a few more options down there. In many of attempts in Salt Lake, I have failed in this endeavor. Hope has been found however!

At the corner of 2000 East and 3300 South in Salt Lake, you will find a run down looking restaurant named La Fountain. Don't let the look of the building scare you off; the food is fabulous. On my first visit here a few years ago, my friend recommended the smothered burrito from the ala carte section of the menu. The price was $4.57 and my reply was "but I am really hungry and that won't be enough food." I was wrong. It was a large burrito, very filling, and very delicious. The inflation epidemic has also hit La Fuente, but not by much. You can still get the same burrito for $5.54.

Last Tuesday while driving, I had one of those uncontrollable food cravings. While looking for a Mexican restaurant downtown, I was coming up empty. My memory saved me and I jumped on the freeway and sped to La Fuente.

On each table is a list of the specials for each day of the week. On Tuesdays, the special is two quesadillas with your choice of beef, chicken, or chile verde, smothered in cheese and enchilada sauce with spanish rice and refried beans on the side. All of this for the fabulous price of $6.99 including a soda, chips and salsa.

The chips and homemade salsa are a treat in and of themselves. The chips are also homemade with a delicious crispiness. Make sure you get your soda and your water before you start dipping the chips in the salsa. There is some fire there for sure as they use hot peppers and plenty of them. Despite the fire, you won't stop until the bowl of chips is empty.

About the smothered quesadillas: they were wonderful, filling, and addicting. It's not just a sprinkling of cheese on the top; it's almost a meal itself. The enchilada sauce is spicy and, like the chips, leaves your mouth craving fluid. The chicken was moist, tender and delicious. The only downside to the meal: the spanish rice. It was dry and tasteless. But after the chips and quesadillas, it didn't matter. There was plenty of food; even enough for breakfast on Wednesday morning.

All of this for $9.55 with tip. Definitely an inexpensive meal. They don't have the same specials for dinner but you won't spend much more for that meal either. Overall: delicious, inexpensive, and (for me) close by.

Happy Eating & Happy New Year.

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  1. It is funny but I can understand you somehow. I also had my quest to find a Mexican restaurant when my family and I were staying in a new place. It was like a fasting to us all.

    1. Thanks Dorris, It becomes a quest to find a good place. While on a road trip recently, I was craving Mexican food. We found a restaurant but it looked pretty divey. We gave it a shot anyway and the food was fabulous.

      You have to listen to those whisperings within.

      Thanks again,



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