Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fat's Grill in Sugarhouse

In order to adequately acknowledge the amount of time and money I have spent at Fat's Grill, I thought it appropriate to write about.

Fat's is located right in the heart of Sugarhouse, making it a perfect meeting spot. There are about 8 of us friends from college who get together for lunch on a regular basis. At first, it was picked for the location but we soon became addicted to the food. It has also been a lot of fun to play pool there; free if you order food. More often than not, this is where we still meet on a regular basis.

It has a very clean atmosphere with delicious food. Everything from the appetizers, burgers, wraps and pizzas are wonderful. I actually haven't ordered something here that I did not like. I went once by myself to watch a baseball game and relax. Somehow I managed 4 refills of Dr. Pepper in the process.

Here are some food recommendations when you go: definitely get the Fat's Nachos as an appetizer. They are almost a meal in & of themselves. In fact, one of my friends did order them as his meal not too long ago. In the Wrap category I have tried the Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap, Buffalo Chicken Wrap and Spicy Chicken Wrap. In the Burger category, Firehouse Burger, Fat's Burger, Pastrami Burger, Fat's Bacon Cheeseburger, Blue Cheese Bacon Burger, TNT Burger and Double Cheeseburger. Go with the TNT or Firehouse is you like it with fire. I have also had the BBQ chicken pizza. The other day, a good friend had the Greek Pizza. He really liked it.

Spicy Chicken Wrap with Fries

Most commonly, I order the Firehouse Burger and the Spicy Chicken Wrap with Fries. The fries are baked with a little paprika shaken on them; delicious. Whatever you order, you will enjoy the food and the atmosphere. Call me if you are going please; I am in the neighborhood.

2182 S. Highland Dr.
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106

Happy Eating.

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