Monday, November 26, 2012

Chanon Thai Cafe: What, no Tom Yum?

Lately I feel like I am in a constant state of Eater's block. Anytime I am asked to pick a restaurant I go blank. Maybe that's a sign of eating out too much or a hint that some therapy is needed; or both. I find myself scanning google maps or deliberately hunting for restaurants.

While driving east on 900 S. earlier this week I looked to the right and saw "Chanon Thai Cafe." I was in awe. It definitely called to me and I knew that it had to be patronized soon. The very next day was my definition of "soon." I pulled up at 11:27am and it looked quiet. No need to panic, stay calm. Many restaurants open at 11:30am for lunch. While looking for some anti-depressants, the owner walked to the door and turned on the "OPEN" sign. Immediate relief was felt.

Chanon Thai Cafe is housed in a old building which adds to the character of the establishment. It's a unique set up inside with tables tucked quietly into corners, in front of fish tanks, in front of the serving area and anywhere else where there appears to be room. It's a very warm and cozy atmosphere. It reminded me of Oh Mai. Now that I have taken that in, let's look at the menu.

Glass Noodle Soup

While quickly reviewing the menu I found myself looking for anti-depressants again. There was no Tom Kha (Thai Coconut Soup) or Tom Yum (Thai Hot & Spicy Soup) on the menu. Certainly this is okay since they have the soup and it's just so common that they don't need to list it right-at least those were my thoughts. What is a Thai meal without one of those soups? Was there still time to drive to Tasty Thai or Siam Orchid?

My hopes were totally dashed when the waitress told me that they have neither of those soups but that the soup of the day was Glass Noodle. I ordered the Panang Curry with chicken and a cup of Glass Noodle Soup, all while wondering if I was too distraught to eat.

Medium Spicy Panang Curry with Chicken

They brought out the cup of soup. It really wasn't impressive. There were no noodles; just chicken, carrots and onions in a broth. Pretty much a mire poix soup. Very bland, very flavorless and simply not worth ordering. The Panang Curry however was really good. It was creamy, the chicken was moist, tender and the kafir lime leaves added an extraordinary fresh flavor.

I learned a valuable lesson with the curry however; medium spicy might as well be extremely spicy. I went through three cups of ice water. Be cautious when ordering.

278 East 900 South
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84111

Happy Eating

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