Monday, November 5, 2012

Iggy's Sports Grill: The TV's are nice!

Iggy's is a local chain here in Utah with nine locations. They brand themselves as a sports grill with great food. Having been there a couple of times, I will say that anywhere you sit in the restaurant, you will have a great view of whatever sports event you are there to watch. We went on Saturday to watch a college football game.

My last couple of experiences with Iggy's were bad. The staff actually is wonderful and very attentive. But the food is bad. I resist going here and try to get everyone to meet at Fiddler's Elbow. They might not have the same large restaurant as Iggy's but their food is far superior. Unfortunately the location of Iggy's worked well for this particular event.

In the past I have ordered the pizza. I only did this once. It was awful. There is no flavor in any of the toppings or the crust. It's something that could be re-created for cooking time in Kindergarten class.

Blackjack Burger

This time I ordered the Blackjack Burger. It's seasoned beef blackened and topped with a Jack Daniels Dijon mustard sauce and pepper jack cheese served with their famous fries. Sounds great doesn't it? It's not. Other than the Dijon mustard sauce on the burger, there really is no other flavor. It is so disappointing. The fries have a little extra batter and are actually okay.

I did get a Caesar Salad for an appetizer. The dressing was pretty good but the rest of the ingredients were a little rough. Iggy's does do dressings and sauces well but not much else.

If you need to watch a game, please drive to Fiddler's Elbow. It's a little more crowded and you will pay a few bucks more but you will be happy.

Happy Eating

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