Friday, November 2, 2012

Cous Cous Mediterranean Grill: My review!

Some good friends had highly recommended that I try this place. They even offered to take me as their guest. Now how can you turn that down?

Yes that sign says "Cous Cous" in rope lighting

I was definitely impressed as I walked inside. It's located in a strip mall but the interior would not indicate so. There is a very warm, embracing environment as you enter. People greet you and as you place your order at the counter, they are happy and willing to provide suggestions and answer questions.

The first time that I went to Cous Cous, I ordered the daily special. Sous Chef Sam came with me and did his review here. I can't recall the name of my dish that day but do know that it had lamb. It was the most tender, delicious meat I have ever tasted. The dish came with soup or salad. The soup of the day was lamb chili. I constantly savored the broth then worked my way on to the meat. It was fabulous. I am sure that I was a ridiculous sight fully immersed in the experience but didn't care. It likely was quite similar to my eating the Tom Yum soup at Siam Orchid.

Cheesy Shwarma

As I entered the restaurant today I was desperately looking for something with lamb. I found some in the Shwarma Plate: mixture of beef and lamb rotisserie cone. Served with a freshly toasted pita, red onion, tomato, feta and yogurt dill sauces. The soups of the day were Cajun Vegetable and Cheesy Shwarma. I was stuck in an happy trance, not quite knowing how to reply. Ultimately, after much personal deliberation and anguish, I went with the Cheesy Shwarma.

The soup was delicious. It's made with a lot of cream, spices, and pieces of the beef and lamb rotisserie. It reminded me a lot of homemade cream of mushroom soup.

The Shwarma Plate was good. It's like a Gyro that you put together yourself. The feta cheese and red onion give it a nice bite. It's a thinner pita that you are use to at other Mediterranean restaurants, but not in a bad way. You have more room to enjoy all of it. It's different than the Gyros at Yanni's and Greek Souvlaki. Those are definitely larger (and probably more unhealthy) but at Cous Cous, it's very fresh and lite.

Shwarma Plate

If you are not in the mood for Shwarma, there are many options to choose from: Flats (pizza), Pasta, Toasted Ciabatta Sandwiches and Fresh Salads. The prices will make you happy. My Shwarma Plate with tip came to under $10.

Owner Nick Shams definitely knows how to run a restaurant and knows good food. He was even checking on us during the meal to see if we needed anything. Pay him a visit and eat some delicious food. You will be happy that you did.

5470 South 900 East
Murray, Utah, 84117

Happy Eating


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