Monday, July 23, 2012

Whisper's Cafe: There is a reason for the name "Whisper."

One morning last week I had a lot to accomplish. My daughter was being a little too helpful so I needed to find a place to escape. My requirements were: a place that was close and a place that had Wi-Fi. Whispers Cafe was right in the neighborhood so I headed over.

It appeared to be exactly what I needed: a place to work. There were tables, couches, a patio; all very welcoming. I found a table in the corner large enough for my laptop and folders and I went to work.

At about 10:00am I realized, as I often do, that I hadn't eaten breakfast. It took a minute for me to find the food menu on the wall. It's on a separate wall from the coffee and tea menu and takes up less space. The Croissant Sandwich with Bacon sounded good. I also ordered their homemade lemonade-it looked wonderfully refreshing on an already hot day.

Back to work and the food came about 10 minutes later. The Croissant Sandwich was okay, nothing special. The croissant was flaky and buttery; the bacon was good but minimal; the eggs were drowned out by a large glob of cheese. Pretty much you could taste cheese and bread. It was a very heavy sandwich. The lemonade however, was very delicious and refreshing.

As I mentioned, the drink menu is larger than the food menu. There are a lot of coffees and teas. This must definitely be their speciality. I do not drink either so I must trust that this is how they stay in business. They must "Whisper" about the food, but promote the beverages heavily.

Even though the breakfast sandwich will not be something I return for, I will definitely be back. I do want to try the Spicy Jamaican Chicken Panini. I will also come back for the atmosphere. It is very inviting and comfortable. Two gentleman in the lounge area were solving the problems of the world from before I got there until after I left. A few others trickled in but primarily it was very quiet. They do have a drive thru which received some customers.

It is nice to have a place like this so close; even if it's just an escape but not necessarily a Foodie Escape.

1429 South 1100 East
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84105

Happy Eating

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