Monday, July 16, 2012

Curry in a Hurry

For my birthday dinner, I got to pick where we would eat (since the ribs wouldn't be done until late). I was craving something authentic and wanted to try a place where we had never been. Curry in a Hurry came to mind and Rachel was equally as happy. Since I was tending the ribs, she went down and got some food to go.

Rachel ordered the Chicken Curry Combo with Spinach & Potatoes as her side. I had the Lamb Curry Combo with Curried Potatoes as my side. Lamb has been a new experience for me lately and I am really taking to it.

This particular dish was wonderful. The lamb was tender and resembled a beef tri-tip. It definitely had a kick to it with the curry spices. Rachel's dish was sweet and delicious. Her spinach & potatoes had a little bitterness to them but not too strong. What was overpowering were the curried potatoes. You could barely take one bite without gulping water. They must have put all the spices in that they were going to be getting rid of soon.

The only disappointment was the Naan. After having such great homemade Naan at places like Tandoor and Kathmandu, this stuff was obviously pita bread purchased at the grocery store.

This is definitely a place that I will try again. Rachel said that the people there are wonderful. The menu is not extensive but seems to have enough great options. Just stay away from the curried potatoes.

Happy Eating

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  1. My spinach and potatoes were WAY too spicy for my taste. Good flavor, but stay away if you have a tender mouth.


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