Monday, July 9, 2012

Sharon's Cafe: The Local's Joint in Holladay

East of the Cottonwood Mall near Downtown Holladay is a little establishment well known to the locals. There were two restaurants at this location previously but neither lasted long. Sharon realized her dream of opening a place and it know seems like it's a community meeting spot. While eating there earlier this week, the waitress seemed to know every patron by name. Holladay's own little version of Cheers; without the alcohol.

Sharon's is open for breakfast & lunch and you may order breakfast dishes anytime. That is what I was craving so that made me happy. I am always on the search for something unique, something that will hit the spot. I noticed "The Greek Way" under the breakfast entrees. Asking the waitress about this she said that they sell more of that than any other dish. It must be good I thought.

Love the red & white tables from TGIF's.

The Greek Way is their version of a skillet. It has cheesy potatoes, two eggs, and your choice of ham, bacon or sausage. The plate seems small when it comes out (disappointing for me as I was really hungry) but do not fret, The Greek Way is some serious stick-to-your-ribs comfort food. I could not finish it.

Overall the dish was great. The potatoes could have used a little more seasoning-they were the majority of the dish and even with the cheese, were pretty dry. With a stronger cheese, pepper jack or sharp cheddar, the flavors would have stood out more. The sausage however, was amazing. It was a thick, spicy patty; very moist and delicious. The eggs were great-cooked to perfection. I love skillets, especially since you can mix all of the wonderful ingredients together. As my side, I chose sourdough toast. It wasn't the greatest. My friend got the biscuit though and he raved about it 3 or 4 times. It is homemade and (apparently) wonderful. Next time that is what I will have also.

The Greek Way

There is also a good selection of omelets, sandwiches, and burgers. I have had the club sandwich before and it is really delicious and filling.

Deviate from your traditional lunch routine and head to Sharon's Cafe. Even if you aren't a regular, you will feel like one. A neat tidbit about the joint is that you will notice many red & white striped tables and think to yourself, "these look like the tables at TGI Friday's." They are those tables. When the TGIF at Cottonwood Mall closed, Sharon was able to purchase them. The tables may be the same but the food is much better.

Happy Eating.

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