Monday, June 18, 2012

Tony Burgers: Sirloin, Chuck, and Brisket

Normally, Tony Burgers is not a place that I would try; it's showy, trendy, and you wonder if it will be around in a few years. I did stop, however, because I was on my way to Rachel's work, this restaurant was on that path, and the hunger pains were calling.

Even though it was trendy looking inside, I did like the feel of the place. I ordered a Tonyburger with American cheese, raw onion, tomato, pickles, Tony sauce, a side of fries and a drink. They advertise the fact well that their meat is a mixture of sirloin, chuck and brisket. Apparently the Owners criss-crossed the country doing research in preparation for opening this joint. They must have met up with Michael Symon of Food Network fame; he does a similar thing (mixing the types of meat) with his burgers.

The burger really is delicious. Mixing the different types of meats gives it a stronger, fresher flavor. The website says that it's "addicting" and I would have to agree. Often the only flavor some burgers have is the condiments-maybe that is why they got rid of "pink slime." The fries were also wonderful. They are hand cut and cooked twice in the perfect blend of oil. It does seem to be an imitation of Hires' fries. Not as greasy', but I will still give Hires the upper hand.

You will spend over $10 for a combo; about average given a gourmet burger place these days. That is a tough psychological hurdle-to be over $10 for a burger combo. Probably not a place I will frequent, but good food nonetheless. Their salads and shakes look good and would likely make it worth a return trip.

613 E. 400 S. 
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84102 

Happy Eating

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