Friday, June 8, 2012

Hometown Slop on Tour

We have arrived! Not only are we selling out venues and doing live cooking shows, but our first book will be released in August. Okay, not fully arrived yet, but we are getting there. Everyone starts somewhere right?

This week we did a grilling demonstration to a Ladies Church Group. The product is important but, in addition to that, the presentation has to be memorable. We rocked the house!

Sous Chef Sam and Sous Chef Jesse (my awesome nephews) accompanied me. These guys are fabulous cooks already. We grilled up some cheeseburger of champions, Cajun burgers, steaks, and Bahamian chicken. In addition we discussed dry rubs, wet marinades, thumb/doneness test, grill marks, foil tents, and how to get a nice crispness on your burgers-with clarified butter of course. Everyone received a handout with grilling tips and recipes.

The feedback was impressive. One lady said that if I wasn't yet doing this for a career, that I definitely needed to be. Another shared that my passion for food was contagious.

Sam got added to a will and Jesse got a phone number-for yard work of course. On the ride home Sam said "We rock, we seriously rock." I replied, "Start with presenting to 20 people, before you know it, the crowd is 400,000."

Happy Eating


  1. Jeff that's Awesome! Have you ever taught a cooking class to a group of couples? Let me know. We have been talking you up to all of our friends and they want to see your skills.
    -Chris K


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