Monday, June 25, 2012

Grove Market: sandwich or loaf of bread?

My good lunch friend was anxious to take me here to try their sandwiches. It's quite an adventure. I am always on the hunt for places where the food doesn't stand alone; it has to be the full experience.

Straight out of the 1950's

From the exterior, you wouldn't know that there was a Deli inside; except for a few picnic tables. The place is part mini-mart, part deli; all Hoarders paradise. I'm pretty sure that most of the food in the aisles was placed there over 30 years ago. Nobody was their to buy anything but the sandwiches freshly made at the deli counter in back.

As for the sandwiches, they are meant to be eaten for lunch and dinner. I ordered the corned beef with lettuce, tomato, red onion, mustard and mayonnaise all served on a loaf of bread. They are enormous. At first I was disappointed because all I could taste was the bread. It was a little overwhelming. I barely got through half of it during lunch. I picked at it later in the day but was a little sandwiched out at that point.

Meet your baby boy: 7 lbs, 6 oz; 19 inches long.

4 hours after ordering

My recommendation: get a half sandwich. No matter how hungry you may be, you will not finish it in one sitting. Next time I will try something other than corned beef. Although freshly cut, it tasted like pre-packaged meat. I hope that the ham & turkey taste better. As for the price, you can't beat a very large sandwich for $8.39.

Claustrophobia Inducing

Hoarder Friendly

As for the experience, you will enjoy feeling claustrophobic in the aisle while the deli worker decides who is next. I hear that they have a real great locally brewed root beer; looking forward to it.

1906 S. Main St. 
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84115

Happy Eating.

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