Friday, March 16, 2012

Foodie Tour Anyone?

It's that time of year to yes, watch a lot of college basketball, but also to plan vacations for the year. And for me, vacations are planned to experience the most in the area's cuisine. Suggestions anyone?

Should I head on down to Louisiana for some Cajun / Creole Food?

Make a return visit to Scottsdale? It's a Foodies Paradise.

Cafe turkey meatballs with organic whole wheat spaghetti at Cafe Forte, Old Town Scottsdale

Pasta with chanterelles, bacon, tarragon, asiago, and creme fraiche at FnB Restaurant, Old Town Scottsdale

Or should we head to Wisconsin, as was highly recommended by a Co-worker of Rachel. I guess that we could eat a lot of cheese.

Suggestions Anyone?

Happy Eating

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