Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Since moving into the Sugarhouse area in 2002, Kyoto has been an occasional treat for me. Located on the corner of 1100 E. 1300 S., it's a venerable institution that has always served delicious food. The setting is unique in that you can sit in a Japanese style booth; but please remove your shoes of course.

My first memory of dining at Kyoto was in March, 2003. Rachel and I ate there on a Saturday night, just one week before we got married. The bill was $35 and that was painful for a poor college student. Soon I found that the lunch menu was just as delicious and much less expensive. My friends and I have met there a few times since for lunch.

For under $9 you can get Chicken, Beef or Shrimp Teriyaki. It comes complete with miso soup, salad with house dressing (honey mustard), your choice of meat, rice, tempura onions and sweet potatoes. It's almost worth ordering one of the teriyaki dishes for the tempura vegetables alone. They are plentiful, sweet, crunchy, and have the perfect amount of batter.

For those of you not interested in the teriyaki or tempura, there are other authentic Japanese dishes to enjoy. The Sukiyaki is also delicious. It's brought out on a sizzling platter and contains thinly sliced beef, vegetables and noodles. Typically the ingredients are dipped in a bowl of raw, beaten eggs before being eaten.

The Donburi is a Japanese rice bowl dish with ingredients on top. Types include: Oyako Donburi where the main ingredients are chicken and eggs; Katsudon Donburi: served with tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlet), eggs and onions; Gyudon Donburi: a more simple serving of cooked beef over the rice; and Eel Donburi: eel is grilled and prepared in a thick soya based sauce before being served on top of the rice.

Yesterday's choice: Beef Teriyaki with a California Roll for an appetizer. They also serve sushi. Having been spoiled by the world's best sushi at Happy Sumo, I was reluctant to try it. I know that the California Roll is the most generic of the rolls but I was pleasantly surprised. The meal was delicious except for the beef. That was a little tough which was the first time that has happened. No worries, there was plenty of other food to enjoy. Since I am within walking distance of Kyoto, I will have to discipline myself on the number of visits.

Gluttony! But don't worry, I didn't get a Dr. Pepper. That would have been over the top. I waited until I got home (3 minute walk) and pulled one out of the fridge.

Dinner is great also but you pay more for less food. If you decide to go there for lunch, get there before noon; the place fills up fast.

Happy Eating.

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