Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Subtleties of Food

Last week I was making another batch of corn & black bean salad. I shared this recipe along with my story/unwillingness/stubbornness in following recipes on a previous post here. Typically I improvise a recipe or create my own as I prepare any dish; including any that I have made in the past. As I shared in the post, I explained how for many people, this can be aggravating. They want exactness. It works well for me to improvise. Maybe to me, following a recipe is allowing someone to have authority over me; not going to happen :-)

Anyway, back to the corn & black bean salad. I was adding the vinegar, salt, fresh ground pepper, and cumin. I like food to have a kick to it; a wow factor. Whether it be spicy, bitter, sweet, salty, I like to overdo things. Maybe it's a personality disorder. I had Rachel try some. Before she could even give me her feedback I said that I was going to add more vinegar. She said "No, it doesn't need it. Sometimes the subtleties of food are what make it good."  What? Subtleties? Isn't that just another word for bland?

Fortunately I listened to her and left it as it was. I knew that the ingredients would marinate together in the fridge and come out very flavorful. It did. I was grateful for the insight.

Here's to the subtleties of food (and to listening to your spouse).

Happy Eating.

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  1. I have a friend who uses a squeeze of lemon instead of salad dressing because she wants to taste the individual components of her salad. What? Salad is not just a vehicle for eating salad dressing? There is something to be said for enjoying food "au naturale". Great post!


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