Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Indian Market & Grill

In a previous post, I wrote about my love of travel and especially good food while traveling. I don't seek out chain restaurants or the 24 hour buffet. Not only in the towns that we travel to, but in the restaurants also, I am looking for a little bit of Americana. Whether in a quaint New England village or the Deep South, I desire a quality restaurant that you would likely find on Diners, Drive-In's & Dives.

I do not wait to travel to find great restaurants. I seek out great places to eat here in Salt Lake. Two weeks ago I was showing some condos in the Avenues. As I drove east on 2nd Avenue, I looked right on D Street and saw the Indian Market & Grill. Planning on picking up something for dinner, I pulled over. Immediately it had the look of a place I would find on a trip: quaint, great aroma, not in a strip mall, not part of a chain. It reminded me of some of the fabulous places we ate at while in Montreal, Canada back in 2007. I ordered the Korma Curry and Tandoori Chicken Gyro and eagerly waited.

The drive home was tough. I only had 3 miles to go but the smell was permeating the car and I was very hungry. Upon arriving home, we set the table, sat down, and dug into the food. I excitedly took the first bite, then the second; all while waiting for the explosion of flavors in my mouth. It never happened. I took a bite of the gyro; a little better, but not much. Overall: it was very bland.

I love indian food and was disappointed. Usually indian cuisine is spicy, savory and leaves you craving more. Not this time. Numerous times I have eaten at Tandoor, India House and Taste of Punjab; All wonderful.

If you try something at Indian Market & Grill and have a different experience than I, please let me know. It seems like the best part of this restaurant is the location.

Happy Eating.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I had Taste of Punjab today--Chicken Coconut Korma with Naan and a side of Kheer. Yummy!


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