Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Your Own Thai Noodle Menu!

Flat Rice Noodles in a Tom Yum Broth with Pork

It's the unique creations and options that stand out at a restaurant. Sometimes we want the comfort of the familiar and other times, okay often, we want something unique; in other words, the WOW factor.

One of the "Wows" that I have found is Siam Orchid's "Build Your Own Noodle Menu" at lunch. Most Thai restaurants have noodle options and being a lover of Thai food, I have a hard time not trying them all. If you are a person who has difficulty making decisions, this will cause you some anxiety.

Please check out the full article that I wrote about Siam Orchid's Noodle Menu

Create Your Own Thai Noodle Bowl

See you there soon!

Happy Eating


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