Friday, February 15, 2013

What's that you say: Suprises?

Yes, there are two exciting announcements here at Hometown Slop.

The first is: I can't tell you yet.

The second is: I can tell you next week.

I know, that is about as exciting as getting to the airport for your long awaited vacation, and finding out that your flight was delayed. And then, when you do get to your destination, you find out that your bags are elsewhere. It's only then that you remember your cheap tip to the Sky Cap. His thinking: "You gave me a $2 tip for 6 suitcases? Well you might be going to Florida, but your bags will be in Honolulu."

Lesson here for all of us: don't be rude to anyone who handles your bags, your flight, or both. A Dive Master in Hawaii once told me that he use to work for the airlines. When people were rude to him, he would send their bags to a place that they were not going.

Lesson here for me: how did a post start out with an exciting announcement (or at least the hint of one) and end up talking about Dive Masters in Hawaii? I don't know but it's often how my mind works. I'm just glad that I recognized to clarify this.

Stay Tuned!

Happy Eating

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