Friday, January 4, 2013

Sakana Sushi: Jalapeno & Hot Sauce on a Sushi Roll?

While arranging a business meeting with a friend, it was determined that we would meet at Jordan Landing-a large shopping development in the suburbs of Salt Lake City. There are many dining options there but we narrowed it down to BBQ, Thai, Sushi or Burgers. Not having had Sushi for a while, I made the decision.

Sakana has some great lunch specials where you can get two Maki Rolls and a bowl of a Miso Soup for $9.56. Now what is a Maki Roll? I didn't know. It includes but is not limited to Tekka, Sagi, Unagi, Futo, Negihama, Tako and more. Since we did not order any of these, I can't tell you know how good they taste. They also have 13 Sushi Rolls for $7.99 each during lunch. We ordered the Playboy Roll from the $7.99 special and a Hotty Roll; no special price there.

Since I didn't have my breakfast smoothie that morning, I was definitely hungry. An appetizer was calling my name. I went with the side salad because of the Honey Ginger Dressing. You could put that dressing on an old shoe and it would taste good. I drank the rest when the lettuce and tomatoes were gone.

The Playboy Roll has shrimp tempura, cucumber and avocado topped with tuna, spicy mayonnaise, eel sauce and tobiko. Tobiko is the Japanese word for flying fish roe (eggs). It was a good roll. The tuna and spicy mayonnaise definitely make it worth the purchase.

My friend loves spicy food which was the reason for the Hotty Roll. It has fresh salmon, avocado and asparagus topped with tuna, jalapeno, lime, eel sauce, hot sauce and sesame seeds. What, hot sauce and jalapeno? It was good but I was drinking a lot of water after each bite. My friend said that he could have used a little more heat.

Sushi is an expensive addiction. It's easy to finish two rolls by yourself; let alone sharing them. That is why Red Ginger Bistro and their "all sushi rolls 50% off" promotion is so attractive. Sakana was good. Next time I am out that way, I will stop in and try the Maki Roll special. It's tough when Kyoto and Red Ginger are so close.

7626 Campus View Dr.
West Jordan, Utah, 84084

Happy Eating

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  1. Two Maki Rolls and a bowl of a Miso Soup for $9.56?! not bad, not bad. This place looks very tasty


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