Monday, September 3, 2012

Guzzi's: Truly a Dive worth patronizing!

There is nothing like a big fat greasy burger. Lately I have been eating a lot less carbs which I now know are all the foods that make you feel full. I feel like I am starving lately. After a meeting downtown last Thursday, I found my car magically driving to Guzzi's.

What a sight this place is. It looks like a joint that Frank & Mike on American Pickers would go. There are a couple of vintage motorcycles on the roof along with the metal "Guzzi's" sign. It's a small building with 3 parking spots out front. The unmarked door looks like it goes to the kitchen or bathroom or someplace where you don't think you are suppose to be. Nope, that is the door. You enter and see 5 stools at a small counter, 3 tables, ordering area, and a soda machine. There are old cowboy boots nailed to the wall and a vintage Vespa scooter in the corner. Even if you don't eat burgers and fries, this place would draw you in. They take your order, shout it to someone behind them standing at the grill, and he slaps down some meat.

The choices are not many, but they all look fabulous: Guzzi's Burger, Bleu Bacon Burger, Flyin' Hawaiian Burger, and Veggie Burger. I didn't even realize that they had a Veggie Burger until I brought my buddy who is a vegetarian.

I ordered the Bleu Bacon Burger with Lettuce, Tomato, and Grilled Onions; Fresh Cut Fries on the side. They cook the all-beef patty with the bacon, not separate like most places. If the "Bleu" means that they add bleu cheese, I didn't notice it but that didn't matter. The food was absolutely fabulous. The patty was thick, juicy and the bacon grilled with the meat added and extra flavor. The veggies were incredibly fresh & flavorful. I am sure that they grill the onions with balsamic (great recipe here). The fries are fresh cut and cooked extra crispy. They must add some spices to it but I couldn't identify. Rather than stress the mystery, I relaxed and enjoyed. I wondered if the burger is as good as the Better Burger Truck. Each is a unique experience and I loved them both.

For a nice burger, fries and a drink, it will run you just under $10. But leave a great tip because they treat you like they love you and the experience is worth twice the price.

Guzzi's, I love you!

Happy Eating.

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  1. Glad you had a good experience, but I have to throw out a counterpoint. We went today with a group of 10 people. I think 3 people got what they ordered. One person took his back and the order was screwed up again the second time, at which point he just took it. One member of the group asked where her burger was, and they couldn't find it. Turns out the ticket fell on the floor.
    I ordered the Adam Bomb, which should have been the garlic burger with grilled onions, pineapple, sweet and sour sauce, and jalepenos. There was no garlic to speak of and no onions. The meat was outstanding, the toppings that I got were OK, and the bun was mediocre at best.
    Then the fries. The fries are an absolute train wreck. If you like good fries, do not eat here. They have taken raw potatoes and fried them once for way too long. They are a soggy, greasy mess. Try going to Scaddy's, Rich's, Lucky 13, Five Guys, or anywhere else that knows that you have to fry fresh cut potatoes twice in order to get anything worthwhile.
    They may treat you great when there are only a few people there, but they are broken when a large group shows up. Horrible customer service. The capstone to the whole thing was when someone who appeared to work there showed up as we were finishing and was going so fast into the parking lot he splashed a buch of muddy water on a couple of school kids nearby. He then ran into the restaurant and turned the sign to closed.


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