Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Left Fork Grill

In 2003, after graduation from college, I took a job at a mortgage loan servicing company. If you have seen the movie "Office Space," my job was very similar. It consisted of pulling loan numbers from a spreadsheet, entering that loan number into a company program, and then checking if the borrowers were current on their taxes and insurance. It was as exciting as it sounds. Early on, in an effort to brown-nose the boss, I hurried through a spreadsheet and told her I was done. She promptly e-mailed me another spreadsheet. My ambition was killed. I passed the time at the cubicle by working occasionally, drinking lots of Dr. Pepper, eating lots of snacks, and getting fat. One of my co-workers would even interview for jobs over the phone, in the cubicle right next to our boss. It became apparent why some of my classmates went on for MBA's-to avoid getting a job like this for two more years.

One of the best aspects of the job was the restaurant Kramer's at the other end of the parking lot. Once in a while, probably twice a week, we would take a long lunch there. It was a typical "diner" type atmosphere and menu: soups, salads, sandwiches and meaty entrees.

Having resigned from that job not long after accepting it, I no longer was a regular at Kramer's. That was okay since I then become a regular at a number of other restaurants. I haven't thought about the place much until last week. A good friend wanted to go to lunch and having heard good reviews of the Left Fork Grill, I thought we should try it. Looking up the address, I realized that this was the same address as Kramer's. Left Fork Grill had taken over the place. Driving through the parking lot, I had the same eery feeling that I had every time I had pulled up there and walked into my cubicle; even though it had been 8 years.

I was shocked when we walked in to the restaurant. The place was packed; unlike when it was Kramer's and a lunch rush was about 4 tables. Thankfully we got a table and were greeted warmly by our waitress (this was also a big change). There were a number of daily specials, over 15 sandwiches, and many entrees. It was hard to decide. The Chef Owner is Jeff Masten. He use to be the Executive Chef at Market Street Grill. Wanting to venture on his own, he bought the old Kramer's diner in August 2006; opening Left Fork one month later. His concept is "Where Cafe meets Gourmet." He definitely has made it into a great diner.

Ultimately I decided on the Left Fork Burger: 1/2 pound of ground chuck; your choice of cheddar, Swiss, or Havarti cheese, garlic mayonaise, red onions, lettuce and tomatoes on a grilled bun. The the side you have your choice of fries, carrots or cole slaw. I chose Swiss cheese on the patty and fries for my side. Not long after they set it down, the aroma of garlic captivates you. The meat is heavy and juicy, the bun is thick and the fries are delicious. The waitress even convinced us to get a piece of pie. I chose chocolate cream and my friend chose raspberry cream. The dessert was a little small and expensive but to sum it up: the meal was wonderful!

I will return soon to try many sandwiches on the menu including: Corned Beef on Rye, Pulled Pork, Chicken Club, Grilled Pastrami, Turkey Reuben, NY Steak. From there I will try the entrees. If you are in the Salt Lake area, go to 68 W. 3900 S. and enjoy a great meal. I hear that they even have great breakfasts. Next week anyone?

Happy Eating.

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