Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Would you believe me if I said that there is a good Mexican restaurant in Kaysville? There is. It's PepperBellys! Interesting name. Where does the name come from? Not even our Waitress knew the answer.

If the name leaves you scratching your head, then the interior of the restaurant will leave you even more confused. This is a place that Mike & Frank from "American Pickers" would love. Maybe the restaurant got all of their decorations from them. There are signs, pictures, and trinkets that make you believe you are in 50's style diner. Something perfectly Americana. The menu even makes you feel that you are in a diner atmosphere; except for the "Fresh Mexican Food & Grill" at the bottom.

When the food arrives there is little doubt that you are in the right place for Mexican food. Why else would I drive 30 miles north for lunch? Okay, my Brother lives near there and we met for lunch. My Sister-in-Law also works there and is the Waitress whom we asked where the PepperBellys name comes from.

Definitely get the chips & salsa as an appetizer. The salsa is homemade and has a "fire" to it that I desperately love. My Brother got the cream cheese & chicken chimi. He recommended that I do the same. I declined; insisting that I would have some of his and something else. I got the cadillac size smothered burrito with beans & spanish rice. You have your choice of shredded beef, chile verde or sweet pork. My Sis-in-Law brought me sample of all three. The shredded beef is cooked in cinnamon and she said that customers either love it or hate it. I was in the latter category. It had a stale smokey flavor to it. I chose the sweet pork. My burrito was wonderful. The sweet pork has a carmelization to it that really gives a distinct texture. The sweetness and tenderness add to the mix of flavors in the burrito.

The only negative to my burrito was that I could not finish it. I mentioned that I ordered the Cadillac size. It was huge. 3/4 the way through I threw in the towel. While pondering how I would get up from the seat in a few minutes, she brought out a dish of deep fried ice cream with hot fudge, caramel and strawberries as toppings. It was overwhelming but I managed. We did not finish it. I left happy and was somewhat unproductive the rest of the day. My wife asks, "how is that different from any other day?" :-)

If traveling north or south on I-15, get off on the 200 N. Exit in Kaysville. Head east, turn right on Main St. and PepperBellys will be about 100 yards down on your right. You will not regret it.

Happy Eating.

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  1. Glad you liked it Jeff. Michelle brings home different dishes from work all the time and it's pretty much always good.


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