Friday, October 14, 2011


Have you ever been to Paris? Beautiful place isn't it? The lights, scenery, neighborhood, food, people. You noticed that "neighborhood" in my previous sentence is singular? That is because I am not referring to the city of Paris in France. I am referring to the restaurant in Salt Lake's 15th & 15th Neighborhood. The first time Rachel and I went here was for our 5th anniversary back in 2008. I have been twice since and am always looking for the next chance to go.

As fate would have it, I got to go to The Paris Bistro last Saturday evening. My Aunt & Uncle from Scottsdale were in town for the ASU vs. Utah football game. I had originally told Rachel that I was going to relax at home and watch some football. She was going to run errands with her sister and then meet the rest of her family for dinner in Draper. Just before she left the house my uncle called to remind me of the thumping his Sun Devils put on the Utes. Since they are also Foodies I asked if they had plans for dinner. They said that they would love to meet and he mentioned The Paris. I called and got reservations for 6:30pm. Apparently some of Rachel's sisters asked why I was at The Paris while she was at Rumbi's.

At 6:30pm I met my Aunt & Uncle. We didn't leave until almost 9:00pm. This is what I love about going to dinner with them; it is always a relaxing, delicious meal where we are in no hurry to get somewhere. The relaxed ambiance, multiple courses, great conversation. I could do this every night; except that I have a 21 month old daughter.

For an appetizer I got the Caprese Salad. It was loaded with Utah heirloom tomatoes (only in season for another week), mozzarella, basil, olive oil and balsamic. I could eat this every day.

My entree was Pan Seared Duck Breast in Blueberry Sauce with Potatoes Au Gratin and Watercress. The duck was breaded with a perfect crunch on the outside and seared to medium-rare perfection on the inside. The blueberry sauce was the ideal mixture of bitter & sweet. The creamy potatoes were a great compliment.

My Aunt & Uncle equally enjoyed their meal. Here is my Uncle's Tuna Salad. Not the tuna salad you buy at the supermarket deli.

For dessert I had the Warm Molten Chocolate Cake with Hazelnut Gelato and Candied Orange. The chocolate was rich and the candied orange had a sharpness to it. Overall it was very good.

We were very full and I began to think about the coming bill. Soda: $2.50, Caprese Salad: $12.95, Duck: $32.95, Chocolate Cake: $8.95 + Taxes + Tip = Heartburn. My wonderful Aunt (she is wonderful for more than the reason I am about to share) grabbed the check and said that since ASU won, she was in a good mood and the meal was on her. I said, "Okay, I will let you have it then."

The Paris Bistro may be a place for birthdays, anniversaries, or when great relatives come into town. But please put it on your list. Stay all evening and whatever you order will be delicious.

Happy Eating.

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  1. I've been treated to Paris Bistro once before and it was fabulous. I think a bit part of French culture is taking a long time to savor a meal. Definitely a good idea!


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